What is the automated trading or algo trading?

The automated trading system (Expert Advisor) - Computer programs based on the development environment MQL 4

Modern technologies allow us to act not only on the financial markets with our computers, but also to fully automate our trading with expert advisors, such automated trading systems. By using our long developed automated trading systems trades will opened and closed automatically after fixed programmed rules and trading algorithms. Also the risk and money management, which is essential in trading, found in a professional and profitable trading system (EA) rather than automated.

The advantage of this trading style: you are relieved of the necessary daily financial market analysis. Our MT4 (Metatrader 4) trading systems are based on the development environment of MQL4 and neural network technology (Computational Neuroscience).

  • Expert Advisor - are specially developed programs that Trading - fully automate processes and the analysis of financial markets.
  • Custom Indicators - applications embed the technical indicators and help the financial markets to analyze. (Computational Neuroscience)
  • Scripts - programs that automate repeated individual operations, such as by a simple script, you can close all positions with a single keystroke

It is very difficult to develop automated trading systems (expert advisor) without the necessary knowledge using the development environment and programming language MQL. Simple knowledges of programming are not enough by far, only experienced programmers are able to design such complex and sophisticated trading systems. In addition, financial market experts and professional traders support the work of the programmer with the necessary knowledge and trading experience in global financial markets. Especially the trading systems (expert advisor) of Metalgo Global Invest are products that could only be developed with the help of a team of programmers, bankers, financial market specialists, active traders and any amount of experience and knowledge.

A professional trading system (expert advisor) allows you to evaluate profitability, risk factor and stability in a simple but fast way.

Many traders might have a trading strategy in mind, but they cannot usually transfer the strategy to their present emotions, as the trading day can be very volatile and nerve-wracking. A trading system (Expert Advisor) always acts according to the programmed guidelines and lefts out bad feelings, uncertainty, fear, or any emotion that a person feels. This is exactly the advantage over manual trading, because the trader likes to be carried away by his feelings to rash actions.

Metalgo Global Invest offers you not only a sophisticated and effective trading system (expert advisor) but also the experience for using the trading system for you and to monitor or assist you in active trading.

We would be happy to advise you personally on the telephone or by email about the use of our trading systems at forex market.

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