From Interested Parties about Managed Account Customers

You would like to trade with Metalgo Global Invest in a managed account on forex? That is easy. The following steps show you how to start a managed account with Metalgo Global Invest.

Step 1. - Selection and Ordering

Carefully read our portfolio and choose between our standard invest and premium invest. Close the order procedure on the page of the investment chosen by you. As soon as you close the ordering procedure, you receive an automatic confirmation email about your order.

Step 2. - Receipt of Details

Wait until you have received a further email from our Metalgo Global Invest support. With this message, you receive the necessary details regarding the implementation of a successful account management.

Step 3. - Opening the Trading Account

If you would like to open a trading account with our partner broker, you can find the details in an email. To open a trading account is very easy and usually possible online on the internet site of the respective broker in less than 10 minutes.

Step 4. - Verifying your Information

The verification with the broker should be the most difficult part of the procedure. The broker must be sure that information given when opening the account matches you as a person. To this end, you only need a personal ID card or a passport and an actual piece of writing/bill from the bank, your energy provider or from your telephone company that you can upload directly on the internet site of the broker. You must usually wait for the completion of verification for about a day.

Step 5. - Capitalization of Trading Account

As soon as the verification of your person is completed, you can capitalize your trading account with a bank transfer. This procedure lasts varying amounts of time, depending on the bank; however this does not usually last longer than three working days.

Step 6. - The Trading Power of Attorney

In order for us to be able to oversee an active account management for you, we require a LPOA: Limited Power of Attorney that allows the trader (in this case Metalgo Global Invest) that allows trading on your trading account! This power of attorney allows the trader to trader (order execution/order closure), but not to manage your broker account. In this power of attorney, the broker receives payment instructions that allow the broker to pay the agreed upon performance fee (performance fee - high water mark) to the trader.

Step 7. - Changing the Trading Account to Managed Account

As soon as your broker has a power of attorney, we can overtake the account management and the implementation of our trading system (expert advisor) on your trading account. You naturally retain all rights. You can intervene in the trading at any time, open new orders or close existing orders. With managed accounts, Metalgo Global Invest undertakes a long-term and balanced trading strategy that will provide profits sustainably.

Do you have questions, or would you like to know something or need an explanation? Use our live chat that is made available to you by Metalgo Global Invest.