Compare our investments and make your choice. Metalgo Global Invest offers two different investment packages. The Standard Invest begins at investments from $ 10.000 and our Premium Invest is for investments from $ 50.000. Our Metalgo Global Invest Soft Expert Advisor is availabel for purchase for experienced traders and institutional clients.

Premium Invest

Metalgo Premium Invest

The trader “Premium”package for investments above $ 50.000

As a customer of the Metalgo Premium Invest Package, you profit from a personal contact who is available to you at any time for advice and action. S/he will help you with application tips and will give you daily (real-time) market tips. You will also receive tips about possible risk factors on the foreign exchange market. Our customers receive a complete insight into professional knowledge and analysis methods from experienced foreign exchange traders who have used algorithmic and manual trading on the foreign exchange market for many years and can share this with you on request.

  • Your Advantages:
  • Free iPad for your financial inspection
  • Minimum investment of at least $ 50.000
  • Capital available at all times
  • Investment without minimum duration
  • Live account with our partner brokers in our name with complete account management and personal contacts
  • Direct support through the Metalgo Trader Team via email, Skype chat or via telephone
  • Also for beginners with little experience
  • Support in creating the account
  • Application only with a complete trading compiled from algorithmic precision trading, long-term trading and active scalping strategy
  • highly complex and well-developed trading software (expert advisor) for unemotional trading
  • Account and trading management through Metalgo Global Invest
  • 15% Performance fee according to high water mark
  • Single-time establishment price of $ 890

Use the experience of Metalgo Global Invest to trade profitably on the foreign exchange market. Metalgo Global Invest is a multi-account manager and oversees the application of our trading software, the inspection of the trading account as well as the active forex trading. You receive a personal a personal and competent contact who supplies you with an individual and correct implementation of trading software. Always have your finances in view with your I-Pad provided for free from Metalgo Global Invest. Metalgo Global Invest is successful because of its active account management paired with risk and money management. On the basis of progressive algotrading in forex (foreign exchange trade), Metalgo Global Invest sets itself apart from the other providers of expert advisor and managed accounts.

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