Risk Warnings

1.0 Risk warnings for stock market transactions of every kind and especially the trading of CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on financial markets:

1.1 The trading on the foreign exchange market is associated with very high risks and is thus not designed for every person.

1.2 There is always the possibility that you experience losses that affect your entire investment or exceed this (e.g. an obligation to pay further capital when the loss is more than your invested capital). You should thus only invest capital whose loss will not affect your financial situation.

1.3 We especially recommend that you understand all risks. You should consult your bank or broker if you have questions about risks; they will explain the risks to you in detail. Let your bank/ broker or your investment advisor advise you on the risk of losses before you make your investment decision.

1.4 Trading results from the past or from specific returns are no guarantee for further development. Neither performance on the basis of a back test nor performance on the basis of actual trading results is secure indicators for future development. There are no guarantees that an offered software product will produce continual profit.

1.5 The listed details are purely for the purposes of information. They are neither an offer nor a recommendation to use a service or buy or sell bonds/financial instruments. The released information is purely for experienced investors and should be counted as speculative in risk classes. The possibility of profit is always in the face of a high risk of loss.

1.6 Metalgo Global Invest Ltd. takes no guarantees for the correctness and completeness of the texts and graphics and rejects those liabilities for losses or damages that could incur directly or indirectly from the use of this content.

Security Warnings

2.0 Security warnings in connection with the use and trade of automated trading systems and the use of programmed systems and tools (MetaTrader - expert advisors)

2.1 MetaTrader and possible additionally used software (expert advisor) or tools (e.g. one click trader) are thus elusively for investors who are cognizant of the risks and who are comfortable with trade and financial markets (see also 1st risk warning).

2.2 The customer trades at his/her own risk and danger with one of the customer strategies developed by the contractor or other offered software products.

2.3 The offer and task to program does not represent consultation or recommendation to buy bonds on the part of the contractor.

2.4 Programming by a contractor is carried out completely independently from investment decisions and refers exclusively to the software implementation of customer requests.

2.5 The contractor undertakes no consultation functions; the services do not represent a recommendation to trade on the foreign exchange market or other financial markets and are also not investment advice.

2.6 The contractor makes at no time a guarantee of success or profit. The programming is always undertaken exclusively according to the preexisting designs of the customer.

2.7 The customer is responsible for every risk for possible losses. As soon as the customer activates the program created by the contractor with real money, s/he is cognizant of risks to possible losses.

2.8 The customer is cognizant that s/he must be informed by his/her credit institution (usually his/her bank or brokers) about risks of losses when buying or selling financial products such as CFDs or foreign currency. The customer is cognizant of all respective risks and can be consulted by an independent office when necessary (see 1st risk warning).

2.9 The contractor notes that automatic trading systems are no guarantee for success on financial markets. Positive back tests or live tests are no guarantee for a future positive growth.